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By creating a user, you will be bound by and have accepted the following terms and conditions:


All orders received via www.remindiing.com are handled in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2. Information concerning the website www.remindiing.com

The website is owned and run by EC Installation (Service Provider).

Remindiing is registered under No. SE 31 03 81 03.

The Service Provider offers services as described on www.remindiing.com.

The Service Provider is located at Ejbyvej 11, 4623 Lille Skensved and registered under No. CVR 14 14 68 57.

The Service Provider can be contacted by telephone on + 45 60 66 80 08 or by e-mail: info@remindiing.com.


The Service Provider does not accept liability for any direct and/or indirect loss or damage (including consequential loss and loss of profits), arising from the lack of or late notification of any relevant information regarding the expiration date of the warranty period of a registered product.

The Service Provider bears no responsibility towards the customer in case of force majeure. An event of force majeure includes war and mobilization, natural disaster, strike, lockout, fire, breakdown in the communication network, power or electricity failure, subcontractors´ negligence, damage to equipment, viruses, illness, disability, change in import and export regulations, as well as other similar conditions beyond the control of the Service Provider.


The information submitted by the customer via remindiing.com is stored in the Service Provider´s database for the purpose of using the information for further data processing (processing of the order).

No credit/debit card data, including card number, expiration date, security code and name of cardholder, will be stored by the Service Provider. The aforementioned data will be transferred encrypted (SSL) to PBS (Danish Payment Systems), and only PBS will have access to the data. Neither the Service Provider nor any third party is thus able to access the aforementioned data.

The Service Provider registers a customer as a client when a product is registered on remindiing.com. The personal information registered by the Service Provider is: product name, expiration date, product category, and e-mail. The Service Provider will only register personal information as: name, address, and telephone number if it's filled in. This is not required.

Information submitted to the Service Provider will not be sold or passed on to any third parties, and the Service Provider will not store any sensitive information.


The agreement between the customer and the Service Provider remains in effect until terminated by either party.

The agreement automatically terminates when the warranty on the registered product expires.

The customer may cancel his/her account at any time.


This agreement is governed by Danish law, and disputes arising from the agreement shall be settled by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.



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